Maurice Dionne

View from Lemieux Island Bridge

By Maurice Dionne

Award winning watercolour painting


Winner of the prestigious AWARD OF EXCELLENCE at Mosaic 2023 held at the Trinity Gallery located in the Shenkman Art Center.

Soaking in the Panoramic Views of Downtown Ottawa from Lemieux Island Bridge

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of downtown Ottawa from the vantage point of Lemieux Island. This hidden gem offers panoramic views that showcase the city’s iconic skyline and its most recognizable landmarks. From this unique perspective, visitors can see the grandeur of the Chief Commanda Bridge as it gracefully spans across the Ottawa River, connecting two vibrant communities. To the left, the Peace Tower serves as a powerful symbol of Canada’s vibrant history and deep sense of national pride. It sits on the edge of Ottawa’s vibrant downtown core. From Lemieux Island, prepare to be captivated by these awe-inspiring sights that paint a picture of Ottawa’s charm and allure.

It was meticulous work, however, I am very pleased that it received the Award of Excellence at Mosaic 2023.  Thank you Arteast Ottawa!  It is an honour.

Maurice Dionne

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Lost in Thought 

Watercolour painting

A lone figure sits in the sun on a late fall day. Bare branches arch overhead, like the stone tracery of a gothic cathedral window. Light glows through the misty autumn air. What is the story? When I saw this person, suffused in light, sitting near the grand Chateau Laurier in Ottawa, I was immediately touched. I just had to capture it. To enhance the dreamy atmosphere, I used a soft and loose technique for the gothic facade of the Chateau. I wanted my painting to express a mood, a figure in contemplation bathed in light, but I want the viewer to complete the story.

This piece recently sold at 

It’s on its way to its new home in San Antonio, TX.

Maurice Dionne

March 2023

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Where are some of my paintings now?

Where are some of my paintings now?

See Maurice Dionne FINEART on Wescover Within Wescover, CLICK on View MapSelect Artwork Location Map I've used Wescover in order to map a few of my painting's new home locations.   It's interesting for me to see and follow. I've only chosen a few pieces to do this and...

Maurice Dionne

Maurice Dionne

Watercolour Artist

Welcome to my website! I am a full time watercolour artist from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. My work is exhibited in several wonderful galleries which I encourage you to visit.  Read more.

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