About Maurice Dionne

Watercolour artist

My Story

I have always loved art, drawing since a young age and pretty sure that was instilled by a wonderfully artistic Mother.  But, of course, once it was time to choose what to study for a career, I CHOSE SCIENCE!  WHAT?  Clearly the mind won over the heart.  But, hey, my charts, diagrams, presentations were always colourful…  Life was good; the artistic side was always there, always alive.  Now it’s time to set it free.  Art remains freedom of expression of the world around me.  Whether precise realism or an impression of what is there, it attempts to capture the light, the mood, the vibrancy of our world.

Having doodled, drawn, sketched, dabbled in pastels, acrylics and other media, there was a pull towards watercolour that could not be ignored.  I was inspired by the transparency of the medium and curious as to how certain artists could achieve the results they do in their images.  It inspires us to try different things and see how we can represent what we see.

I have been fortunate to have lived in several cities and provinces in Canada and this has provided many, many truly amazing things to paint.  Currently based in Ottawa, I enjoy capturing nature at its best, whether an old building, a field, farms, landscapes and even pets.  I really like sketching, multi-media (pen/ink/acrylics/watercolour) but my go to medium is watercolour.

My Current Adventures


  • Studio87, Perth, ON
  • Rothwell Gallery and Framing, Ottawa, ON
  • Foyer Gallery, Nepean, ON
  • Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG), Ottawa, ON
  • UGallery, San Francisco, CA, USA

art Associations

  • Foyer Gallery Artists Association (FGAA) board of directors (President)
  • Ottawa Watercolour Society (OWS)
  • Arteast Ottawa
  • Artists in Canada
  • Fine Art America
  • Wescover

Where to find me (Recent Art Exhibitions)


  • Apr 20 to May 5, 2024, 45th Art Credo, St-John’s, Elgin st, Ottawa, ON
  • March 17 to May 29, 2024, “Arteast Awards Exhibition (AAE)”, St-Laurent Complex, Ottawa, ON
  • March 12 to March 30, “Light and Shadow”, Foyer Gallery, Nepean, ON
  • Jan 8 to Apri 21, 2024, “The Marks We Make”, Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa, ON
  • Dec 6 to Jan 7, 2024, La galerie d’art Eugene-Racette, Mouvement d’implication francophone d’Orleans (MIFO), Orleans, ON
  • Dec 1 to Jan 7, 2024, “Art+Parcel”, Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa ON
  • Nov 23 to Feb 21, 2024, “Out and About”, Atrium Art Gallery, Nepean, ON
  • Nov 21 to Jan 7, 2024, “Joy of Art”, Foyer Gallery, Nepean, ON
  • Sep 14 to Nov 28, 2023, Mosaic, juried exhibition, Trinity Art Gallery, Orleans, ON.
  • Sep 14 to Nov 28, 2023, “Autumn Inspiration”, Promenade, Shenkman Art Center, Orleans, ON
  • Sep 11 to Nov 6, 2023, “Fall Rhapsody”, Francois Dupuis Center, Orleans, ON
  • June 27 to July 16, 2023, Rhythm, Foyer Gallery, Nepean, ON.
  • Mar 9-31, 2023, Featured at Rothwell Gallery, Montreal Rd, Ottawa, ON.
  • Apr 29-May 14, 2023, “Art Credo”, St-John’s, Elgin street, Ottawa, ON.
  • Mar 14-Apr 2, 2023, “Currents” at Foyer Gallery, Nepean, ON
  • Jan 10-29, 2023, “Fresh Start / Depart a zero”, focus group exhibition at Foyer Gallery, Nepean, ON
  • Oct 25-Nov 27 2022, “Chill”, Foyer Gallery, Nepean, ON
  • Sep 15-Oct 30 2022, “Local Colours” by Maurice Dionne, featured artist at Electric Street Gallery, Ottawa
  • Sep 15-Oct 18 2022, “Mosaic”, Arteast Ottawa at Trinity Gallery, Orleans, ON
  • Oct 4-Dec 6 2022, Arteast Ottawa, Orleans Library
  • Sep 13-Nov 8 2022, Arteast Ottawa, North Gloucester Library
  • July 22-Sep 16 2022, “Summer Heat” at the Bob Macquarrie Recreation Complex
  • April 29-May 31, 2022, “43rd Art Credo”, St-John’s, Elgin street, Ottawa, ON
  • March 1-March 30 2022, “Interpretations of Ottawa”, solo exhibit at the Nepean Sportsplex, Nepean, ON
  • March 27-May 31 2022, “Annual Awards Exhibition”(AAE2022) at Saint-Laurent Complex
  • 2019-2024, Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG/GAO), Gallery Annexe collection, oaggao.ca
  • Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) Portraits of Resilience
  • Germotte Studios, Westboro https://germotte.ca/
  • Wescover
  • Fine Art America



updated: February 15, 2024