My Portfolio

Watch my portfolio slideshow. 

This is my most recent work.  This slideshow was created in early 2023.

I hope you enjoy my selections.


Maurice Dionne


City Series

An exploration of the energy of streetscapes and Architecture in Ottawa.  There is an abundance of treasures to be found in our city.  I include a small selection here.

Random House Series

This is a collection of sketches of houses that I have come across in Ottawa.   In the past year, many walks have revealed homes that inspired me to sketch.   I can always sketch a portrait of your home too?

Nature Series

These paintings and many more, were inspired by Nature.   Close to home we have Pink Lake, the arboretum, local farms and rural areas.  A bit further afield I have many canadianna landscape paintings.  Some may be realistic while others come from memories.

Queen Anne Series

Inspired by these weeds along a path in Niagara Falls’ Arboretum.

Check out Available Artwork

Take your time and browse through my collection of available pieces.  Some are framed and others are not, waiting for your design touch in framing!  Enjoy.