Feature Artist At Electric Street Gallery

You are invited to see my artwork featured in the window Aug 25 to Sep 8, 2021.  Click here to check out when they are open or to schedule a specific appointment.

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Interpretations of Ottawa by Maurice Dionne, local artist

I’m thrilled to be the featured artist in the windows for the next couple weeks at Electric Street Gallery.  My wanderings in the city have resulted in, what I believe, is a wonderful collection of pieces depicting some of the sites that captured my imagination.   The colours are bright and lively glowing with the energy of our wonderful city.  A visit is highly recommended.  😉

Maurice Dionne


maurice dionne local colours

Electric Street Gallery

Electric Street Gallery is a lovely little gallery tucked in near the Rideau river near downtown Ottawa.   It is at 299 Crichton street, at the intersection with Electric street.   This is a wonderful neighbourhood for afternoon strolls and what a treat to be able to view artwork in their windows.  These are changed frequently so there is always something new and fresh on display.  

I’m also blessed with having been asked to paint this beautiful little gallery.   That painting is now completed and has just been delivered.   Stay tuned as you will surely see this image in some of their futur promotional materials.   


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