So where do artists go for their caffeine?  to sit and look at the world and to ponder our next project?  You may not always notice us.   Yes there are many computer developers, bloggers, browsers on their laptops seemingly engrossed in their bubbles.   There are the many government workers (when the offices are open) out for meetings and coffee.   There is the retired couple getting their daily fix.   There is the group of friends frantically catching up on current events.    Yes, among them, we are there, absorbing the world around us and figuring out how to interpret all of it.   But we still need our fix!

Being in an area where there are many artists among a vibrant community has its PERKS 😏.  A very quick search shows just how popular coffee is.   Just look at the quick map copied below.    There are quite a few places to kick back and enjoy.     Nearby, you not only find the franchised coffee shops, but an eclectic mix of local coffee houses.    There are even several coffee roasters in the area, located among art studios, small shops.

Throwing out a few names (and the list is not comprehensive and many might be missed).  I recommend you walk around, discover and enjoy.

The Ministry of Coffee, Bridgehead, Morning Owl, Drip House, Jamari Espresso House, Thyme and Again, The Cup Cake Lounge, Pressed, Second Cup, Starbucks, Equator, Happy Goat Co., Little Victories, and even the Feline Café.  ….and this is only a small list.  Wow.

Gives a new meaning to Rich Blend.