I am thrilled to finally publish my new website.   I’m still at https://mauricedionne.com, however, I’ve been spending time learning new ways of assembling a website with WordPress.   As an artist, I’ve been looking for more flexibility in designing the look and feel.   I’ve spent a long while learning these techniques offline.    Finally, I’ve got something that I feel better represents my brand.   I’ve designed it with all my artwork so it truly is me.   I hope you like it?

For the launch I have built product pages for most of the artwork that I have or am planning to exhibit currently.   This total about 40 pieces.    I will continue to populate the shop artwork pages going forward, so stay tuned and you will see more added quite regularly.

I look forward to any comments you may have.   Feedback is always appreciated!

You will also notice that I have included a signup form.   As I publish new posts on my website, you can be among the first to see them by email by simply signing up.   As I point out on the forms themeselves, I don’t plan on doing any regular newsletters or any promotions by email.  Don’t worry.   I don’t like those either.     All it will include is an update to where I might be exhibiting or what’s new with my art practice.   I want to paint, not write, so they may be infrequent.   I am just happy to have you following my experience in the art world.


Take care,

Maurice Dionne