Library and Archives Canada by Maurice Dionne

By Maurice Dionne

Library and Archives Canada

Award winning watercolour painting

The Library and Archives building is located on Wellington street in Ottawa, Canada, just a few steps away from the parliament district.   It is quite a large building housing many of the country’s documents, artworks, history.   The perspective for this painting is from across the street at the Gardens of the Provinces.  When scoping out this project, I discovered that this property was very large and I could not capture it all completely in a photo.  Only by taking multiple photos from various angles, and avoiding the many trees, fountains and flag poles, was I then able to sketch out the whole thing.  It was meticulous work, however, I am very pleased that it received the Award of Merit at TMAC2021.  The Marketer Art Competition 2021 was awarded in early 2022.  It is an honour.

Maurice Dionne