Capturing the Moment


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Original watercolour painting on gallery depth cradle, unframed.

Capturing the Moment

As I strolled along the Rideau Canal, I couldn't help but pause and take in the serene beauty of the scene before me. The muted tones of blue and brown in a watercolour painting by Maurice Dionne perfectly captured the essence of the moment.

In the distance, the iconic Chateau Laurier stood tall, its grand architecture a testament to the rich history of the city. Cyclists and pedestrians alike traversed the wonderful walking and biking paths that line the canal, each person seemingly lost in their own thoughts as they took in the tranquility of the afternoon sun.

It's in moments like these that I'm reminded of the power of observation and the importance of taking the time to truly appreciate the world around us. Whether you're a photographer, an artist, or simply a curious onlooker, the Rideau Canal offers a wealth of opportunities to pause, reflect, and capture the beauty of the present moment.


Unframed dimensions: 24 x 20 x 1.5" (HxWxD)