Around Here


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Original watercolour painting on gallery depth cradle, unframed.

Maurice Dionne's watercolour painting, "Around Here," invites viewers into a scene that combines architectural elements with an ethereal play of light and shadow. The focal point of the painting is a spiral fire escape, which serves as both a functional structure and a visually striking feature.

The brick building in the background provides a solid foundation for the artwork, while also serving as a canvas for the interplay of reflected light. Light dances off the surfaces, creating an atmosphere that is both contemplative and serene.

Architecture meets artistry. You are invited to appreciate not only the physical structures in our built environment, but also the emotions and thoughts they evoke within us. "Around Here" is undoubtedly a contemplative artwork that encourages us to pause and reflect on our surroundings in new and meaningful ways.

Unframed dimensions: 16 x12 x 0.1.5" (HxWxD)