Vimy Bridge


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Original watercolour painting on gallery depth cradle, unframed.

This watercolour painting of Vimy Bridge in Ottawa captures the essence of this newest landmark that serves as a vital link across the Rideau River, connecting Riverside and Barrhaven. The architecture of the bridge is beautifully depicted, showcasing its elegant design and functionality. The use of a soft palette of blues and grays adds a serene and calming atmosphere to the painting, reflecting the peaceful surroundings.

This artwork not only showcases the beauty of Vimy Bridge but also highlights its importance as a significant part of Ottawa's landscape. It invites viewers to appreciate both the architectural marvel and its role in connecting communities within this vibrant city.

Unframed dimensions: 20x16x0.1.5" (HxWxD)

Currently available at the Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG/GAO)