Walterdale Bridge


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Original watercolour painting on paper, unframed.

This watercolour painting of the Walterdale Bridge captures the architectural beauty and intricate details of what has already proven to be an iconic structure in Edmonton. Situated over the majestic North Saskatchewan River, the bridge serves as both a vital transportation link and as a celebration of human ingenuity and nature’s beauty.
Through his skilled brushwork and mastery of watercolour techniques, Dionne brings to life the unique features of the Walterdale Bridge. From its graceful arches to its carefully crafted ironwork, every detail is lovingly depicted, showcasing the artist's keen eye for capturing architectural elements. The background is more impressionistic so that the focus remains on the structure. It invites viewers to appreciate and contemplate Edmonton's urban landscape.

Unframed dimensions: 24x18x0.1.5" (HxWxD)