View from Lemieux Island Bridge


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Original watercolour painting. Unframed

Winner of the prestigious AWARD OF EXCELLENCE at Mosaic 2023 held at the Trinity Gallery located in the Shenkman Art Center.

- Soaking in the Panoramic Views of Downtown Ottawa from Lemieux Island Bridge

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of downtown Ottawa from the vantage point of Lemieux Island. This hidden gem offers panoramic views that showcase the city's iconic skyline and its most recognizable landmarks. From this unique perspective, visitors can see the grandeur of the Chief Commanda Bridge as it gracefully spans across the Ottawa River, connecting two vibrant communities. To the left, the Peace Tower serves as a powerful symbol of Canada's vibrant history and deep sense of national pride. It sits on the edge of Ottawa’s vibrant downtown core. From Lemieux Island, prepare to be captivated by these awe-inspiring sights that paint a picture of Ottawa's charm and allure.

Unframed dimensions: 24x48x1.5" (HxWxD)

It is displayed on a gallery cradle, unframed with edges painted black - a nice contemporary look.